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I’m turning 50 this year and instead of whining about it, I’m trying to do something positive by donating $50 to 50 different charities before I’m 50 years old.

Like so many of you, Planting Peace is heartbroken over another senseless attack on our country’s police force, with the latest mass shooting targeting police officers in Baton Rouge. Although we have so many issues in our country that need to be addressed, random acts of violence and murder should never be seen as the answer. While there is no way to make any of this right for the families of our fallen and injured officers, we want to do what we can to help them through the coming days and weeks, even if only financially. Planting Peace has launched a CrowdRise fundraiser to help support the officers and their families impacted by the mass shooting in Baton Rouge.

To learn more visit the website.