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I’m turning 50 this year and instead of whining about it, I’m trying to do something positive by donating $50 to 50 different charities before I’m 50 years old.

States United to Prevent Gun Violence is a grassroots network of 30 state affiliates working to make our communities and families safer. As part of our 50 State Solution to end gun violence, we support existing state-based gun violence prevention groups and bring new partners into the movement. Through cooperative efforts with our 30 state groups – and our combined 150,000 grassroots supporters – we are working to build healthy communities by reducing gun death and injury through stronger laws, community education and grassroots action.


Americans have the right to be safe in our homes, schools, and communities and to live in a country free from the fear, loss, and grief caused by gun violence. States United and its grassroots affiliates are unified in a state-by-state and national effort to:

  • Make all Americans safer by keeping guns out of the hands of felons, terrorists and the violent mentally ill through background checks for all gun purchases.
  • Keep women and children safer by keeping guns out of the hands of domestic abusers.
  • Protect families by demanding that gun-owners take responsibility and keep guns in the home locked, unloaded and safely stored.
  • Educate parents and children to talk about the risk and dangers of gun violence in the home and on our streets.
  • Prevent mass shootings by banning military-style weapons from our communities.


As the umbrella organization of 30 unique state groups, States United provides vital resources and support to help each state work effectively and intelligently. Additionally, we work on the national level to raise public awareness and engage our supporters in the ongoing conversation about gun violence in America.


  • Develop effective policy initiatives and best practices for gun safety.
  • Organize local action to highlight gun violence impact in the community.
  • Keep close watch on dangerous gun lobby policies and proposals.
  • Communicate effectively with community leaders, the public and the media.
  • Contribute fact-based input to local elected representatives and members of Congress about stronger gun laws.
  • Assist our state groups in engaging supporters with a shared online communications system for emails, action alerts, petitions and fundraising.
  • Collaborate with our organizational allies to maximize advocacy impact and create positive change.
  • Connect our state groups to resources for building coalitions and grassroots activism within the GVP movement.
  • Provide technical support support for website development, action alert creation and social media toolkits.

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