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I’m turning 50 this year and instead of whining about it, I’m trying to do something positive by donating $50 to 50 different charities before I’m 50 years old.
Those of you who may have known me back in junior and senior high should probably know that I was bullied… a lot. I was fat, so that made me an immediate target, and I wasn’t exactly the definition of manliness, which didn’t help. I was beat up, teased, taunted, called every name in the book, and just generally made to feel like crap on most days.

Bullying doesn’t just make you childhood difficult, it makes your entire life harder. The self esteem issues it creates can last a lifetime and to this day I still battle some of those demons that came into my life when I was young.

Founded in 2006, PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center actively leads social change, so that bullying is no longer considered an accepted childhood rite of passage. PACER provides innovative resources for students, parents, educators, and others, and recognizes bullying as a serious community issue that impacts education, physical and emotional health, and the safety and well-being of students.


PACER engages communities to recognize that bullying is a behavior that has affected too many for too long. Preventing bullying begins with creating social change with bullying being recognized as a serious issue that impacts educational performance, physical and emotional health, and student’s safety and well-being.


PACER provides free, innovative web-based information, ideas and actions that can be shared in communities across the nation to address bullying. Resources include engaging websites designed just for students, literature for parents to help their children through bullying situations, classroom toolkits for educators, and much more.


PACER activates individuals to take action — on both a personal and community level. Everyone can participate in signing a petition, sharing their own story, or contributing a message to “I care because.” They can also coordinate and participate in high profile events such as National Bullying Prevention Month in October, Unity Day or a Run, Walk, Roll Against Bullying.

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