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Nothing was jumping out at me as a word of the day until I saw Phillip Phillips perform on the American Idol results show.

Before we go any further, yes, I still watch American Idol and no, I am not at all ashamed.  And especially this season because Nicki Minaj is 17 different kinds of crazy and I love every single one of them.  She did this whole thing about pancakes last night and I’m like, “Yes, I totally get you, sister!”

But back to my word… I’m not usually a fan of PP’s style of music; this Mumford and Sons new folk stuff kind of makes me want to take a shower and put on something that has the complete opposite atomic structure as flannel, but this song just hit me in a way that I wasn’t expecting at all.  I got a little weepy while watching American Idol – speaking of 17 different kinds of crazy, y’all.  Anyway, the song is “Gone, Gone, Gone” and the word it inspires in me is “devotion.”

I’ve had so many good people in my corner – from the people actually hauling my sick ass around to the people thinking of me, praying for me, worried about me, and beyond.  There are more of you than I would have ever believed and certainly more than I think I deserve, and so to you I say “back atcha” with this song: