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Hey gang. Yes, it is me, actually updating on my own. I only have the stamina to do a brief update, partly because I’m exhausted and in a not inconsiderable amount of pain, but also because apparently in addition to the chunks of my body they have removed my typing skills.  What you see so far has taken me nearly 5 minutes – at this rate I’ll be out of the hospital before I get to the end of my first paragraph.

I’ll have more detail later along with quite a bit of leaving things out in the days to come.  I cannot begin to tell you how much you don’t want to know about what some of this has been like.  The good news is that I continue to improve every day, the bad is that the improvements are often microscopic and not therefore the overall package is frustratingly slow to form, and I still have aways to go.  I will be in the hospital through the end of this week at least, perhaps even longer – so yes, the 46th birthday party may be held bedside in room 1715 at St. Joe’s – just as I always imagined it.

Many, many thanks to all of you well-wishers and visitors, both on the blog and in person.  Regarding the latter, feel free to come see me but you may want to consider calling or texting first.  When we’re dealing with this much pain and this much trauma to both the body and the mind, it is hard to predict when I’ll be able to have lucid conversations.  Of course if a lucid conversation is not a requirement for you, then stop by anytime.