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That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, today was the second annual Savannah Bacon Fest and for the second time I was here to experience it.  I am truly blessed.

Before we get there, though, a couple of random things…

First, last night there was a drag show at the bar I was at.  Drag is really big here in the south – not sure why.  Most of the ones in this show were not very good.  One did back flips in high heels while another just kind of pouted and moved her mouth randomly as opposed to trying to lip sync the words.  But there was one that did a fine job, probably why she is the reigning Miss Gay Savannah…


And just because I don’t want to finish with this, I want to show you what I saw on my way back to the hotel after bacon fest.  At first I thought I was having the meat sweats and hallucinating but no, I got photographic evidence…


Driving around the square, music blasting from a tinny speaker (country, of course), and the big sign that says “Tired of all the LIES?  Sarah Palin for President 2016” and then goes on to list a bunch of her admirable qualities like honesty, bravery, and intelligence.

Feel free to editorialize as you wish.  I certainly did.

But back to my day… it started in Bonaventure Cemetery where I was having the first of two photo shoots to try to get a good author picture for my book.  The photographer, Angela, was very patient with my extreme discomfort of being anywhere near a camera and I think we got some good shots.

Afterward, on the recommendation of one of the drag queens, I went to Johnny Harris restaurant, a Savannah institution since 1924.  They are famous for their BBQ and for their batterless fried chicken – I sampled the latter.  Really good – juicy, crispy and peppery skin.  I approve.


From there it was back to the hotel as a few big thunderstorms rolled through, dumping torrents of rain on the city.  I sat out on the veranda and enjoyed the hell out of it.

It let up just in time for me to go to photo shoot #2 and this photographer, Heather, was also very patient with me.  We did this one along Factor’s Walk, the row of old cotton factories along the river with lots of pretty parks, cobblestone streets, brick alleyways, wrought iron walkways, and more.  Here’s a taste of the area:



Afterward it was just a few feet to BACON FEST!!!  Last year they just had the one night, taking over the city’s usual First Friday celebration.  This year they stretched it out to two days, but I can’t be here tomorrow so I had to get in all my bacony goodness now.  Let’s start with the ambience… bouncy castles, slides, and statues…


A mechanical boar (instead of a mechanical bull):


Right on the river with the paddlewheel boats floating past…


And lots and lots of people, booze, art festival booths, and restaurants selling all things bacon…


So what did I eat?  Well, I started with a Bacon Pork Popper – pulled pork and a jalapeno wrapped in bacon and then deep fried…


Yes.  That’s all I have to say about that.  Yes.

Next, a Bacon Pancake – bacon, dipped in pancake batter and cooked, served with maple syrup…


Hell yes.

Next… the Bacon Pop… strips of bacon on a stick with a cherry glaze and a cherry on top…


It was right around here that my vision started blurring so I didn’t get the bacon cotton candy, which is served on a bacon stick – they wrap bacon around a stick and then twirl the bacon flavored candy onto it.


Genius or evil genius, you decide.

My vision came back so next I got a two-fer – the Reverse BLT, with bacon on both ends, followed by lettuce, tomato, and a crispy piece of bread in the middle, topped with a  bacony ranch dressing.

Also, Bacon Chips served with peach marmalade.


The bacon peach thing was insane!!  I’m lying on the floor in serious pain as I type this but I really want more.

And finally… the Bacon and Pimento Stuffed Meatball Slider…. no explanation necessary, I think:


And of course, I got me a t-shirt…


If I feel better I’m going to wander back down and watch the fireworks.  If not, then I still think my Savannah trip ended on a definite high note!  As has happened every time I have visited, I totally don’t want to leave.  I was looking at real estate again.

But cooler heads will prevail and tomorrow I head back to Atlanta, taking a little The Walking Dead road trip along the way, and then home on Sunday.   Booooooooooooooooo.