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I have officially completed my first month of Living Differently. It’s been a challenge to come up with new things to do every day and some have been more interesting than others, but it’s been (mostly) fun. I spent New Year’s on the Las Vegas Strip and bet on the ponies at Santa Anita; I saw the Brady House and the Great Wall of Los Angeles; I learned some card tricks and failed (but am still trying) to learn how to juggle; I tried a new (painful) exercise and walked more; I ate and drank new stuff including yummy cheesecakes and frozen spiked lemonade; I took on the mantle of cancer survivor and remembered friends who had died of AIDS; I played with Drag Queens, played games I had never heard of, tried to be spontaneous, tried to stay calm, and learned the names of all the US Presidents and the countries of Europe. Not bad for 31 days. I wonder what the next 28 will bring?

I have been writing all this down primarily so I can remember it and to force myself to be a little more disciplined. If you are reading along (regularly or not) I appreciate it and hope that it is at least a little bit entertaining.

If you are really bored and want to go back and catch things you missed, check the index of all the Days of Differently.

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