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About a month ago I developed a painful bump in my lower left eyelid.  This is nothing new – I get styes on a distressingly frequent basis.  What was new was when half of my face blew up like one of those things that flaps about outside of used car lots and I resembled something like the Crypt Keeper only without the impish grin.

Antibiotics got rid of the puffy part but the stye remained.  Shortly after the pills ran out, the puffiness returned.  Eye drop antibiotics commenced and the puffy went away but the stye remained stubbornly there.

I refused to go to the eye doctor because I knew he would want to stick needles in my eye as he had done in the past with previous styes and quite frankly, I’m just not in the mood.  I have cancer, I shouldn’t have to have stupid eye things.

On Wednesday of this week, I noticed that the roof of my mouth near the gum line in the back was tender.  I thought maybe I had just burned it on whatever Food Bucket List item I was consuming the night before.

By Thursday the pain had intensified and had moved to the outside gum line.  By that night, I had developed another bump, this one more commonly known as an abscess.  If you were to draw a straight line down from the stye in my eye, it would intersect with the abscess in my mouth.  I found this suspicious.

Off to the doctor I go who then sends me to the dentist who then attacks me with shots and cutting and draining and blerg.  More antibiotics and an anti-microbial mouthwash have followed.

Then comes the kicker.  They took an x-ray to make sure that his was not something that was involving the nearby teeth and good news: it isn’t.  Bad news.. there’s a shadow. It’s above my gum line in the soft-tissue near the sinus.  It wasn’t there on my last x-ray.  The dentist doesn’t know what it is.  Probably nothing.

Did anyone check under the bed before we turned out the lights?