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Chipotle is one of the fastest growing fast food chains in America.  They are everywhere here in LA and yet I have never eaten at one.  I don’t know why – maybe it’s because they don’t have drive throughs and I think that real Mexican fast food should be ordered through a speaker.

But today I went to Chipotle and got sucked into the burrito making machine.  There were approximately 27 people behind the counter, one who took the tortilla out of the tortilla warmer, one who asked me what kind of rice I wanted, one to spoon the rice onto the tortilla, one to put the meat on, one to put the veggies on, one to put the sour cream on, one to put the lettuce and tomato on (that person gets paid more because it involves two things), one to roll up the burrito, one to wrap the burrito, one to put the burrito in a bag, one to ring up the burrito, and one to take my money.  I think there were more in the process at some point, perhaps ones that merely thought about my burrito as it passed by.

The entire thing took 11 1/2 seconds.  Kinda freaked me out a little.

It was a pretty good burrito, though.

To help work off the burrito, I did 24 sit-ups, 70 stomach crunches, 24 leg lifts, and 1:15 of planking.