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I went to a couple of body shops I had never been to in order to get estimates to repair the damage to my car after last week’s minor accident.  It’s about what I expected – about $600.  You can sneeze on a car and rack up a $600 repair bill.

The woman that hit me says she’s going to send me a check for that plus a rental car while it’s in the shop.  Hopefully that will be the end of it.

BTW, after two days off, I got back to the abs and did 38 sit ups, 100 stomach crunches (!!), 38 leg lifts, and 1:45 plank.  It’s kind of interesting – I’m not seeing any real difference but I’m feeling it.  When I started, 20 sit ups was pushing things and 1 minute on the plank felt like torture.  Now I breeze past those marks and it doesn’t start getting really hard until closer to the new limits.

Abs of steel, baby!