TYOLD Day 17: Differently Spontaneous

I heard a commercial on the radio this morning on the way to work. I don’t remember what product they were selling, so in the end it wasn’t that great of a commercial, but it featured various people saying that they were resolving to do things that would fall in the category of taking risks or being bold.

One of them said something like “I’m going to go to the airport and buy the next flight to anywhere.”

That struck a chord with me and I want to do that at some point during this year of living differently.  Just go the airport and go somewhere for a weekend or a few days.  Don’t plan, obsess over details, make binders with moment-by-moment itineraries, pick routes to and from everywhere, read guide books and travel blogs about the destination so I know everything that I have to see… totally spontaneous.

Unfortunately I couldn’t do that today because of work and this weekend is out because I have plans and next week I’ve got this big presentation and then I’ve got this event next weekend and then there’s my doctor’s appointments and I have to get an oil change and I don’t want to miss the mid-season premiere of “The Walking Dead,” but maybe I can plan to be spontaneous the third weekend in February.

I will do it.  I promise.  Well, I mostly promise.  I think I have to work up to something that big so I decided to start with a smaller scale, spontaneously random thing for my Living Differently day 17.

Today, I went to lunch at the Topanga Plaza mall with some co-workers and afterward walked up to the directory with the store listings and map.  It looked like this:


The randomness I had picked for the day was to blindly pick three different stores from the directory and I had to go to one of them and buy something.  I looked the other direction, waved my arm around, and landed first on Swarovski Crystal, then on Swatch, and finally on Lucky Brand Jeans.

I went to the Lucky Brand store  – a place I had never been before – and found cute t-shirts on sale for 50% off.   I got this one:


I’m not a close your eyes and point kind of guy, normally, but this time it turned out well.

Now about that airplane ticket…