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I wanted something sweet.  I always want something sweet, but that’s beside the point.  What matters here is that I wanted something sweet but wanted to try something different so I experimented with brownie baking.

I took some regular brownie mix (I know – leave me alone – I don’t have time to do scratch) and added random stuff I had in my refrigerator or cabinets.  What I wound up with is mini-brownies with some “extras”:

  • mint chocolate Hershey’s kisses
  • strawberry preserves
  • raspberry preserves
  • maple syrup
  • cookies & cream Hershey’s “drops”
  • triple sec

The preserves ones kind of exploded while they were baking.  Okay, exploded is too strong of a word, but they basically expelled the preserves onto the pan and then, in turn, the bottom of the oven.  That’ll be fun to clean.  If I ever cleaned my oven, that is.  (leave me alone, again).

The ones with candy stuffed inside didn’t explode but instead turned into something approaching bricks.  I’m pretty sure that if I baked a few million more of them, I could build a house.

Mmmmmm, brownie house…. (drool, drool).

Okay, I’m back.

The triple sec and syrup ones came out the most like a normal brownie but as far as taste… well… let’s just say that I won’t be winning any epicurean awards anytime soon.

And the answer to the inevitable question is, of course I’m still going to them eat them all. What are you?  Crazy?