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There was some random commercial on that had some dumb guy running from a bear, which made me remember a certain video that I’ll share in a bit, but more importantly it made me wonder what you really should do in case of animal attacks.  I don’t expect to ever get attacked by an animal – I’m neither stupid nor much of a hiker – but I’m guessing that most people who got attacked by animals never actually expected it, so today I took a quiz to see if I knew what to do in case of various animal attacks.

I got 15 out of 20 correct.  Apparently I’m good with bears, random monkeys, jellyfish, dogs, snakes, and certain venomous spiders.  My end, if it comes in animal form, will probably come at the claws, stinger, or teeth of mountain lions, bees, and/or sharks.

Take the quiz yourself an see how you do.

And now, the video on how to survive a bear attack that everyone should watch.  Not because it’ll do you any good but because you need a good laugh today: