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My life (thus far), courtesy of Google Street View:

221 E. Sunset, Oak Creek, Wisconsin (a suburb of Milwaukee) from birth until about 6 months old.221 E. Sunset, Oak Creek, Wisconsin (a suburb of Milwaukee) from birth until about six months old (1966-1967).  Apparently back then, this was a one-story house.

sv_2205brookside2205 Brookside Drive, Bettendorf, Iowa from ages six months to two years (1967-1968).  No recollection of this place at all.

sv_840s15840 S. 15th Street, Marion, Iowa, ages two to three (1968-1969).  Very vague, hazy memories of this but nothing specific – just that we lived here.

sv_177chatham177 Chatham Road, Cedar Rapids, Iowa from three years of age until six-ish (1969-1973).  I remember this place pretty well. This is where we lived when a big blizzard in 1973 pretty much buried the town.

sv_352crandall352 Crandall Drive, Cedar Rapids, Iowa from the time I was six years old until I graduated from high school and left for college at 17 (1973-1984).  This is the house I most associate with my childhood, of course.  It was white with black shutters when we first moved in and then it got painted sort of a tan/brown combination.

sv_isuMaple-Willow-Larch dorms at Iowa State University, ages 17-18 (1984-1985).  We were in Larch, which is the one in the center toward the back of this photo and our tiny little dorm room overlooked the commons building in the middle of the complex.  It was a good hike from here to the main campus, which sucked during the dead of winter.

sv_8525tobias8525 Tobias St., Panorama City, California for six months, ages 18-19 (1985).  My first apartment when I moved to Cali – I had no idea until after I moved away what a terrible neighborhood it was in.  I worked at the Montgomery Ward about a block away – best commute I ever had.

sv_5121klump5121 Klump Street, (yes Klump) in North Hollywood, California from 19-21 years of age (1986-1987).  I was roommates with a girl in my class at the acting school I was going to.  For awhile she dated Gil Bellows, another student, who would go on later to co-star on Ally McBeal.  He basically lived with us for a big chunk of the time.  I have stories.

sv_11265Morrison11265 Morrison Street, North Hollywood, California from 21-22 years of age (1987-1988).  This is about a block away from the previous place, a small “junior” one-bedroom.

sv_10975bluffside10975 Bluffside Drive, Studio City from 22-23 years of age (1988-1989).  I started living with a guy that I had a major, non-reciprocated crush on and then later my friend Mark, who I have known since kindergarten, moved from Iowa.

sv_5047bakman5047 Bakman Avenue, North Hollywood from 23-24 (1989-1990).   Yes, it looks just like the one on Morrison – it is just around the corner and was built and managed by the same company.  Still roommates with Mark until I drove him insane and I moved out to…

sv_greenvalleyGreen Valley Circle, Culver City, California when I was 24-25 (1990-1991).  I don’t remember the exact street address.  I was living with a different girl from the acting school that we went to.  Neither one of us ever did any actual acting.  This building, in a predominantly African-American neighborhood, is where I was living when the Los Angeles riots broke out.  The grocery store just down the street was looted and burned.

sv_5047bakman5047 Bakman again, between the ages of 25-28 (1991-1995).  The first apartment was a one bedroom on the first floor and that’s where I was living when the 1994 Northridge quake hit.  I wasn’t home at the time but the apartment was damaged and I moved up to a different apartment on the third floor for the rest of the time that I lived there.

sv_10825blix10825 Blix Street, from 1995 until now, ages 28 through a very youthful looking (except for the bags under my eyes) 47.  I lived in one apartment for 14 years and then moved to a different one, where I am now – my windows are the ones on the top floor balcony at the right edge of the picture.