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One the one hand, Valentine’s Day seems to be engineered to make all of us who don’t have a significant other feel as though we are pathetic loser who will never find true happiness or love and will die alone, surrounded by cats, sitting on our respective porches throwing empty gin bottles at the neighborhood children.

On the other hand, there’s usually bins of discounted, heart-shaped chocolate the next day, so really… kind of a wash.

I continued my Random Acts of Kindness Week observance with several of them including buying donuts for the office (well, at least the marketing department); getting flowers for my unofficial dates for the night Maureen and Katie; and by leaving a heart-shaped, Valentine’s Day balloon that Katie had brought to our little soiree tied to a fence in front of my building.

Regarding the latter, I was going to tie it to a random car but then I thought it would be just my luck that the person on whose car I tied the balloon would have a stalker and think they were going to get murdered or something.  I decided to leave it on the fence instead and hope that it will give people passing by a smile.

I also did a couple of Differentlies today including playing the game Scattergories (I kicked ass, I must say) and eating cauliflower.

Okay, it’s entirely possible that I have eaten cauliflower in my life before when it was in something else – like a soup or wrapped in bacon or the like.  But I don’t think I have ever eaten a cauliflower just as itself.  Now I have.

I’m going to stick with the chocolate, I think.vd