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I went back to work today (as in worked at the office instead of worked from home).  That was kind of a mistake.  Ouch.  So during lunch I decided to disconnect a bit and do something mindless.

I had been reading a story about the increasing popularity of those stupid “What Type Of…” quizzes that are everywhere so I sat down to do 10 of them on Buzzfeed.  I want that 30 minutes of my life back, but here are the ones I took and my results:

Which European Country do you belong in?
You got: Norway.
You’re extremely reliable, independent and tolerant. You hate injustice more than anything in the world. You love nature and you’re always up for a new adventure.

My comment: I love nature?  I’m sorry, but my idea of roughing it is a hotel without room service.

Which Weird Subculture Wedding Will You Have?
You got: Cybergoth Wedding
This is the Neuromance of a Lifetime.

My comment: Well, this one wasn’t fair.  I think the chances of me having a wedding of any kind are pretty low but a subculture one?  Unless you count Vegas with an Elvis impersonator as subculture, I’m out.

What Is Your Biggest Flaw?
You got: You’re too judgmental.
Be proud, Judge Judy. If someone is about to do something ridiculous, it’s not like you didn’t try to warn them.

My comment: Well, yes, this one is fairly accurate but trying to figure out which one of my many, many flaws is the biggest is like trying to figure out which Kardashian is the trashiest.

Which Completely Unnecessary Home Accessory Are You?
You got: Recycled Metal Hen
You voice is truly one of a kind. There may hundreds and thousands of similar hens out there, but your “artisanal attitude” has given you your own “unique coloring and shape.”

My comment: Um… with the what now?

What Would Be Your Fate in the Hunger Games?
You got: DEATH. You were engulfed in flames.
You were talented at staying hidden, foraging on the surrounding fauna. Unfortunately, you got a little too comfortable in the forest and overslept one morning. You didn’t even notice the manufactured forest fire until it was too late. May you rest in sizzling, toasty pieces.

My comment: Totally not surprising.

Joss Whedon Heroine
You got: Zoë Alleyne Washburne
You’re a pistol. You have zero time for liars and needless drama. You’re driven, goal-oriented, and have excellent judgment. If there’s a conflict, you know how to deal with it diplomatically without wasting time. You’re also quick as a whip, and extremely loyal to your close circle of loved ones.

My comment: She’s great but I totally wanted to be Buffy or at least Willow when she was a kick ass witch.

Which House of Cards Character Are You?
You got: Garrett Walker
Ah jeez. Sorry, you got the President. Hey, at least you’re in charge right?

My comment: Now that just sucks.  I’m SO Claire Underwood.

Which Muppet Are You?
 You got: the Swedish Chef
You don’t have eyes, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t the best chef in the land.

My comment: I can live with that.

What City Should You Actually Live In?
You got: Barcelona
You are a little bit of everything: half party, half pensive. You’re just as happy out clubbing as you are spending a long dinner with friends. You’re known to have a unique taste in everything, and you’re proud of it.

My comment: Yeah, I’m “happy out clubbing.”  That’s me.

What State Do You Actually Belong In?
You got: Vermont
You like to take things one step at a time making sure things are done properly. You’re someone who appreciates every moment and are never someone to get too worried about this or that. You’re always up for hanging with friends or just exploring on your own. You’ve also got some great syrup, so there’s that.

My comment: VERMONT?!  Maybe for a few weeks when the leaves are changing but as soon as I see a snowflake I’m getting my ass back to Cali baby.