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I have been working in the Internet world for about 16 years now and have been a part of many website launches in my time.  But the ones that launched today for the company I work for, Viking River Cruises, qualify for the Differently pile in that I drove the bulk of the development, design, and implementation.

To be clear, it took a huge team of people many months to actually build the new sites and they did the bulk of the actual heavy lifting.  But I did the wireframes, oversaw the design (and in some cases actually did the design), worked on the UX and content, and, most critically, did presentation after presentation after revision after presentation to get it all approved, and more.

The sites are not perfect – there are some things that I would’ve done differently if all the decisions were up to me – but they are such a vast improvement over what was there before that I’m pretty proud of them.

Feel free to check it out –

PS – kudos to Jessica Page Ivy who designed the cool in-page, push-down video interaction.