We Now Interrupt This Program

I’m having the PET scan tomorrow at noon.  Wednesday afternoon I am meeting with the oncologist who will, effectively, tell me if I’m going to live or die.  I know that’s overly melodramatic and the results, no matter what they are, will require a more nuanced interpretation but that’s the charming little thought that keeps circling back into my brain whenever I am not preoccupied with something else.

So, in that spirit, I offer things to preoccupy oneself with… two of my favorite clips from one of my all time favorite televisions shows…

2 thoughts on “We Now Interrupt This Program”

  1. Waiting bites. Were I in your shoes, Rick, they would have to peel me off the ceiling fan in order to sedate me. I’m thinking back to back to back episodes of Soap is the better alternative. Fingers crossed, little prayer, positive thoughts, good juju, all headed your way. Good luck.

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